HypercreativeART is a company that was brainstormed into existence the best way possible. Taking old ideas, old dreams and making them new.  Building on relationships that existed and adding them to ones just made.  Walking through closing doors and through new ones that  are wide open.   


 Janice Mather, a local Calgary artist, teacher and entrepreneur was involved with a local art gallery in Calgary for five years and was the resident artist there. The ties, experience and relationships that grew from that time are the basis for this company.  With a degree in Psychology,Fine Art and Interior Design,  Janice uses this background  to help share with others her love for and strong belief in the positive power of art in our lives.  She continues to support local artists and is active in the Calgary art scene.  


This company is the culmination, the highest climactic point of something reached for and desired after.  A passion for creating, for sharing and for living life to its fullest is what Janice hopes she can infuse into the Hyper creative ART experience.  This new company will always follow simple beliefs; life is about sharing, helping and paying it forward. Art creation and expression is the integral process for which all these mind sets will be expressed by.   From leading art workshops for seniors of all levels and abilities to using the sale of original artwork in the ART4Seniors Program, we hope to extend the benefit of being involved in Art to as many people as possible. 

We have big dreams for this company and are always looking for like minded individuals who would fit and be excited to be a part of this mind set and life choice.  



  • Custom Artwork for individuals and businesses.
  • Art Workshops for all people of all abilities with an emphasis on our seniors community.
  • Fund Raising for seniors art workshops through our ART4Seniors Program
  • Original Artwork and Photography available for purchase by local Calgary Artists.