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New painting style for me!

In creating this new business I have been pushed VERY FAR from my comfort zone which as an artist I do daily but maybe not to this extreme. Of course, going outside of ones box is good they say .... well, sometimes I feel as I don't even have a box any more! I really do like my box so I really want at least to keep it in sight while doing all the uncomfortable new stuff. One thing that is coming out of this though, that I can say is awesome, are some new paintings I am really happy about. This piece is one and I believe that although I was creating with the thought of a paint night piece, it is too involved for the two hour process. I may just create a series and sell them as originals! This one also comes from my very soul, my love of flowers, spring, warmth, sunshine and a soft warm wind. I am not sure of the name yet but I really love it. I hope you do too!

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