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The events are held at our art center just west of Calgary at High Country Equestrian Center, half way to Bragg Creek.  We will also be doing on-site parties at several dance studios, locations will be announced in the New Year. We can also do onsite parties in your home.   Crayon melting is for for any age.  It is a fun and easy piece of artwork.  Each child will take home a beautiful crayon painting that they have completed themselves, they always feel very proud of themselves when they are done and the work always looks really good! .  The cost of party favors can also be lowered with each child going home with their own artwork!  Most importantly, we want to make the party child feel very special as it is their day.  They will receive a larger sized piece to complete. We also film and create a personalized video of the event. We know how special birthdays are and make every effort to make sure our part of the day with your child is unforgettable.

Crayon Painting Parties of 10 or less

  • All samples displayed are the various ideas for pieces that will be completed at the party. We have many themes to choose from, dogs, cats, butterflies to dancers, fireworks and flowers.   Each child will pick their own colors and theme and proceed to create their own unique masterpiece! Although we help along the way, we never get in the way of a childs creativity, we are always thrilled to see the fun the kids have and the beautiful art they create. 

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