Our seniors art programs are based on the benefits of creating. We know that you do not need to be an artist to be involved in an art program.  We prefer no experience in our classes.  They are meant to be fun and interactive.  The fact that art is therapeutic for many groups can be especially relevant to seniors. All aspects of a senior’s life can be positively influenced through the process of producing artwork: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.


We have a variety of options in our art programs which we like to call our paint parties because first and foremost, art is meant to be fun and interactive.  From subject matter to the location of the event, everyone can participate in some way.   We have access to a very beautiful and scenic location just east of Bragg Creek as well as bookings available at the Kerby Center, C-Space and a local framing gallery.  In this way, we coordinate planned outings with our seniors community in conjunction with our art sessions.  We have found that this is a great option for an event that gets everyone out and into the country as well as the added benefit of creating artwork and interacting with each other in the process .  We also provide customized onsite art sessions at the seniors residence.   Our on-site parties can be paired with wine tasting, coffee and sweets. We invite your seniors to include their family and friends in the events, they become a reason for celebration ! A complete marketing package is tailor made for each residence.  Getting the seniors excited about each and every event is our main objective.  This includes on-site displays, posters, samples of the artwork set up on easels, meet the artist introductions and much more! Creative use of the artwork after the event is also considered.  For seniors with no room for artwork, we support several charities where the work can be placed. We have been involved in auctions to raise funds for selected charities using artwork created at the events.  We love this giving back component and will work with any creative idea or way of helping others.  A very exciting component of our program is that we raise money through the sale of our artwork in local establishments to help get these programs out to the seniors. 


Monthly art sessions or one time events of your choice are only a phone call away.   

Samantha Hibbert, BA Life Enrichment Coordinator Maison Senior Living

What absolutely BEAUTIFUL gift bags you have given us!! Thank you so much. I wish you could see the way the residents light up when they are given their artwork! It is so wonderful, we can’t thank you enough!  Thank you again, so much! Sam

Lynn Bridge Wellness & Vitality Coordinator Amica at Aspen Woods

“The team from Hypercreative Art are a joy to work with. They are professional, accommodating and efficient. We have had the pleasure of working with them on multiple projects in the past few months. Our residents have truly enjoyed the art projects and the cheerful support from Carol and Janice. Particularly nice is the fact that they discuss in great detail their ideas -well in advance of art day and are willing to tweak details, to suit our seniors’ needs.  They are creative, friendly, very generous with their time and I would encourage anyone to hire them for stimulating and enjoyable art events.  Any age would enjoy their work but seniors will benefit greatly from time with these outstanding artists. Creative fun-loving and talented women they are! ”

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Jaqui Fair  Recreations Director

StayWell Manor

"I have found the team at Hypercreative Art to be wonderful to work with! Janice and Carol care about creating a fun and rewarding experience for our seniors. We have schemed endlessly over the phone about ideas, the pros and cons of certain projects, and how to create a wonderful atmosphere for the Residents to work in. It is obvious, from the very first conversation, that their ultimate goal is to create a positive impact with the Residents, and they do. Their enthusiasm and charm is contagious and everyone from Residents who have been painting their entire lives, to those who have never picked up a paint brush have fun in these sessions. Carol and Janice understand the impact that physical and cognitive limitations can have on their programs, and adapt them to create an optimal environment for participation. I would happily recommend Hypercreative Art to anyone looking to offer a art program within their community."

Our seniors ART PROJECTS  go from ready made designs for easy creation to customized pieces just for your group - we approach each project uniquely, with your seniors in mind.

Art Projects and Ideas

Take a look at what we are up to!

birds in a frame - individual or group project


Art therapy can be a useful and fulfilling activity to help those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. ART can increase the quality of life and become a way of expression and communication, even after other types of communication start to fail. We are excited and gratified to see some of the benefits of using arts therapy with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Art can “awaken responses” and “help unlock glimmers of understanding for those experiencing memory loss.” Art can become a new favorite past time.  We work with established artists who have a passion for awakening the love for and experience of creating artwork.  We use the Best Friends Approach when dealing with our memory care clients, and believe in compassion and patience.   We follow a set of guidelines that ensure that each individual is treated with respect and forethought. 


Our guidelines are as follows: 


  We do not use materials or supplies that could be harmful if ingested.  All of our paint and related material is non-toxic and easy to handle and use.

  We use materials with a strong sensory components, bright colors and various textures.

  We work with individuals so that we can draw something from their childhood, like a favorite place or hobby or event and use that in the artwork they will create. 

   We create a project so that it is tailor made for each individual. We ask questions that might help bring back old memories.  We are

encouraging and caring during the activity and we know that the 

experience will be rewarding and positive. 

   We try to include family whenever possible so that the project becomes not only therapy for the individual but also a special memory  for the important people in their lives. 

  We know that this experience is a way to help build morale.  By being encouraging and positive during the activity we know that the experience will be rewarding and positive. The finished project is always celebrated. When the finished artwork is displayed in the common areas of the center, the residents can admire and be proud of their creations. 


Because we believe in the importance of access to the creative process for all seniors we have created a funding method that will allow seniors to participate where the budget for art may be lacking or restricted. Through sales of our artwork, we are able to subsidize our seniors art programs.  We have taken this step to help us get these valuable programs out to as many seniors as we can.   You can purchase this artwork and know it is going to help our seniors,  both independent and memory care included.    Displays can be found in local hotels, restaurants and seniors residences. 


If you are a business and would like to display our artwork we thank you!  Please inquire for details!  ... or if you would like to support the program by purchasing this artwork we can send out details of artwork available.

ART4Seniors Prgram