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Exciting News!

Janice was accepted in to the Calgary Stampedes Art Gallery for the 2023 Exhibition

Janice will be showing seven pieces of art for The Mini Masterpeices Salon in the Western Oasis in the BMO. The salon wall exhibits smaller original artworks priced under $350 by the lineup of 2023 artists curated for the art show.  With over 350 pieces by over 30 artists,  the artworks are brought out over the 10 day event, so each day will show new pieces.


 Janice's love of local Calgary scenery and historic landmarks was what she chose to inspire her to create artwork for the event .  "Whispers of Legends" and "Where Dreams Reside", based on the iconic King Eddy Hotel. The Center Street Bridge with the piece "Entry to the City." Our iconic Saddledome shown in  "Twilight Paints the Calgary Sky," Calgary's Skyline with "A City's Heartbeat" and "Sunlight Dances with the onset of Night". 

Whispers of Legends - 7"x14" - $325

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Come celebrate 15 years of arts and culture with ART SPOT

Hypercreative Art is excited to invite you to the 15 years Anniversary show of ART SPOT


A vibrant celebration of arts and culture that marks its 15th anniversary! Join us for a spectacular event filled with creativity, inspiration, and community spirit. This highly anticipated gathering will feature over 70 talented local artists, including the renowned Janice Mather and Marcus Zee, whose exceptional works will captivate and inspire art enthusiasts of all ages. With live music, captivating performances, interactive art experiences, engaging activities, delicious barbecue, and much more, ART SPOT promises to be an unforgettable experience for everyone. Best of all, this event is free to attend and welcomes families to come and explore the world of art together. Mark your calendars for this not-to-be-missed occasion on June 17th, 2023 at 1723 9th St SW. Starts at 12 noon till 10 pm

Discover the Vibrant World of Local Artists

At ART SPOT, we are proud to showcase the incredible talents of Janice Mather and Marcus Zee, two prominent local artists whose works have garnered acclaim and admiration. Janice Mather, known for her mesmerizing canvas paintings and wall art, captures the beauty of Calgary's landscapes with a unique contemporary flair. Her intricate brushwork and masterful use of colors transport viewers into immersive visual experiences. Marcus Zee, on the other hand, specializes in affordable art prints that combine striking imagery and thought-provoking concepts. His captivating pieces invite viewers to explore the depths of their emotions and reflect upon the world around them. Together, Janice Mather and Marcus Zee represent the diverse and thriving artistic community in Calgary, and their presence at ART SPOT adds a touch of local artistic brilliance to the event.






Engage, Experience, and Enjoy

ART SPOT offers a rich tapestry of experiences for attendees of all interests. Immerse yourself in live art demonstrations, where you can witness the creative process firsthand and engage with the artists themselves. Explore the vibrant artist booths, where you can discover an array of original artworks, canvas paintings, wall art, and affordable art prints from talented local artists. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or a first-time buyer, this is the perfect opportunity to find that unique piece that speaks to your heart. The event will also feature live music performances that will create an enchanting ambiance, adding an auditory layer to the visual feast. Engage in interactive activities that allow you to unleash your creativity and leave your mark on the communal art installations. And don't forget to treat your taste buds to the mouthwatering delights of our barbecue offerings, making this a truly sensory experience.

Join Us at ART SPOT 


Exploring the Art Scene
Art Exhibitions and Shows in Calgary

Where to buy art in Calgary

Calgary, a vibrant city known for its thriving arts community, offers a plethora of opportunities for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and inspiration. From contemporary galleries to art exhibitions and shows, there are endless avenues to explore and discover the richness of artistic expression. In this article, we will delve into the exciting art scene in Calgary, highlighting key events, prominent artists, and the best places to buy art.

One prominent platform that caters to art enthusiasts in Calgary is This online art destination showcases a diverse collection of artwork, ranging from captivating canvas paintings to stunning wall art. With a focus on affordability and quality, Hypercreative Art provides a convenient and accessible avenue for art enthusiasts to purchase exquisite pieces for their homes or offices. Offering a wide selection of contemporary art, including art prints, their website has become a go-to destination for those seeking to add a touch of artistic beauty to their spaces.

Calgary, as a hub for artistic expression, hosts numerous art exhibitions and shows throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity to engage with the local art community, discover emerging talents, and admire the works of established artists. From solo exhibitions to group shows, each event offers a unique experience, showcasing a diverse range of styles and mediums. Whether you're interested in contemporary paintings, abstract sculptures, or mixed-media installations, Calgary's art exhibitions cater to various artistic preferences.

One of the best places to buy art in Calgary is through local art galleries. These galleries serve as a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their creations. With their curated collections, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to supporting the local art scene, art galleries provide an immersive and personalized experience for art buyers. From traditional to avant-garde, you can find an array of artistic styles and genres to suit your taste.

In addition to galleries, Calgary also boasts a thriving community of independent artists. These local Calgary artists, painters, and printmakers contribute to the city's vibrant art scene with their unique perspectives and artistic visions. Their works reflect the essence of Calgary's cultural landscape, capturing the spirit of the city and its surroundings. Whether it's a painting depicting the beauty of the Canadian Rockies or a print inspired by urban life, local Calgary artists bring a sense of authenticity and local flavor to their creations.

To stay updated on the latest art exhibits and shows in Calgary, art enthusiasts can explore local event listings, follow social media accounts of galleries and art organizations, and engage with the art community. This way, they can be informed about upcoming exhibitions, artist talks, and opportunities to meet and connect with fellow art enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Calgary's art scene offers a vibrant and dynamic platform for art lovers and enthusiasts. From the convenience of online platforms like to the immersive experiences of local art exhibitions and shows, there are numerous opportunities to explore and discover the beauty of contemporary art. Whether you're looking to purchase a stunning canvas painting, a captivating wall art piece, or simply appreciate the creativity of local Calgary artists, the city provides a diverse and enriching art experience. So, delve into the world of art in Calgary, support local talent, and let your artistic journey unfold in this thriving cultural hub.


MarketspotYYC ... new location right in Chinook Center !

March 30, 2019

This exciting locally based market will be open for a whole year.  My artwork as well as work by 80 local artisans is in a lovely store in Chinook Center.  So wonderful to be a part of the support local movement.

Check out this exciting new way to sell art !

August 01, 2018

This new Calgary based company is doing a very exciting thing for artists. Called they help emerging artists to sell their art on a blockchain art marketplace that supports artists so they can spend more time creating!  I am very happy to have my work represented there.

Marketspot YYC is now downtown in The Core Shopping Center !

August 13, 2018

I am thrilled to be one of the local vendors chosen by Marketspot YYC to display and sell their handmade wares in its new downtown POP Up location, right beside Holt Renfrew on the second floor of The Core Shopping Center.  I am also working there on weekends, so come on down and say Hi !

Everything Summer at Motion Gallery

July 19, 2018

With an artists reception on July 19th, and a six week show following, Janice is showing her summery artwork with 22 other artists.  Come down and check all the the great work, and if you want to visit while Janice is there, follow email link below .

Art Show & Lifestyles Showcase, Calgary Stampede

July 04, 2018

Janice is thrilled to be at the Stampedes Art show again this year !  With four large City of Calgary based pieces, they will be available the whole Stampede !

Mothers Day Pop Up

May 10, 2018

Back by popular demand, is Marketspot YYC's Pop Up shop- this time, for Mother's Day Weekend!
Thursday May 10th-Sunday May 13th (mall hours, Centre court)
What do mom's love best? Gift's from the heart! And we have just that- a curated selection of items made locally, with love.
Want to take mom shopping? Contact us to pre- purchase Market Bucks!
In a rush? Contact us for a custom gift box!


Mahogany Art Festival

May 03, 2018


At the lovely Mahogany Beach Club

Mahogany's 1st Annual Spring Art Festival!
Beginning with an opening reception on Friday, May 4 from 7pm-9pm and continuing on Saturday, May 5 from 11am-4pm, join us as we celebrate local artist at the Mahogany Beach Club!  Event Details:
The opening reception is free with a donation to the Calgary Food Bank. Tickets are are available for $15 at the door or online for those who would like to participate in a food and wine pairing provided by a selection of Okanagan wineries. 
Saturday  Visit the art show and take home your favourite! There will be over 100 pieces of art on display! Art is for sale and may be picked up at 4pm. There will also be a sit down food and wine pairing by the wineries from 1pm to 2pm. Tickets are $25 and must be purchased in advanced.
Again, there is no cost to attend the art show, but please help us support the Calgary Food Bank. While the Calgary economy is slowly improving, their demand is still high.

Calxy Distinctive Art Spring Show and Sale

April 09, 2018

Janice is excited to be juried into this great local artshow with her city pieces.  She has 30 in all, don't miss this show! Saturday April 21st - 10am - 4 pm.

February 26, 2018

Check out our new series of artwork based on the iconic King Eddy Hotel.  They will be sold at the new Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Center in the gift shop which is in Rosco Coffee Roasters.  Partial proceeds from each sale will also go to the great organization.

On-going Art show

January 10, 2018

Waves Coffee House in Palliser South. 

140 10 Avenue SE. 

Thrilled to have our work permanently with the wonderful folks at this local coffee house.  Open Monday to Friday, artwork can be viewed and purchased right from there !

Pop Up Market

February 17, 2018

 Saturday, February 17th, from 10-4Pm

Inglewood Community Center

We will be a part of a great pop up market .  Free for all!

10th Annual Love Show

February 17, 2018


CIVIC ON THIRD - 130 3rd Ave SE

I am excited to be a part of this fun event.  I will have 6-8 Love themed pieces of art for sale.  I am making them right now .... keep posted for location and sneak peaks at the art !

The LOVE show is an annual themed group art exhibition & masquerade hosted by ART SPOT, in celebration of LOVE! This show is unique, as it features an array of artistic disciplines including visual art, spoken word performances, live music, burlesque performances, and more.
This annual event brings together artists, art lovers, and community members in the name of love!

Venue TBA

Prizes for best mask and best dressed
Complimentary champagne toast at 9pm
Advance Tickets 20$

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