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As native Calgarians, we have a common love for the places, the people and the stories that make up the essence of where we live.  The King Eddy is all these things, the makings of a legend!  Great times, famous people, good bands and crazy times!  Somewhere to go on a Sunday afternoon for the blues and a beer.   A place where the old timers had their own seat, where our own mayor was a regular.     We were all saddened and nostalgic when the news was, “The King Eddy is going down”.  Marcus rushed over with his camera one day in July of 2010 and captured what he felt was the feel of the place.  The graffiti, the grittiness, the memories of the people who came and went through its doors.  Yet, the iconic building was saved.  That story too is just a confirmation of its importance in our city.  Thanks to big dreams, hard work and commitment the King Eddy stands today, as a part of the Studio Bell / National Music Center. A place for future generations to make their own memories at.  As the first campaign to actually save the building heralded, “Long live the music! “  When the National Music Center was unveiled, we were inspired to create a series of art pieces, “The King Eddy Series “.  Marcus incorporated what he felt was the spirit and energy of the place into his photographs .  Janice then embellished the pieces with her own vivid and innovative touch.  This is our tribute to the King Eddy, old and new.

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