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The King Eddy: A Legendary Tribute to Calgary's Vibrant Spirit

Memories and Nostalgia

As lifelong Calgarians, we share a deep love for the essence of our city—the places, the people, and the stories that define our home. The King Eddy embodies all these elements, weaving the threads of greatness into a legend that resonates with us all. It has been a witness to great times, hosted famous faces, showcased incredible bands, and witnessed its fair share of wild and unforgettable moments. From lazy Sunday afternoons filled with soulful blues and cold beers to being the cherished spot where the old timers had their designated seats, even our own mayor found solace within its walls.

The news of the King Eddy's potential demise left us all feeling a profound sense of sadness and nostalgia. In July of 2010, Marcus, driven by a deep desire to capture the essence of this iconic establishment, rushed over with his camera in hand. Through his lens, he immortalized the graffiti-laden walls, the gritty ambiance, and the collective memories of all who passed through its doors. Yet, against all odds, the iconic building was saved—an affirmation of its profound significance within our city.

The King Eddy's New Chapter

Thanks to audacious dreams, tireless work, and unwavering commitment, the King Eddy still stands today, embraced as part of the Studio Bell and the National Music Centre. It has become a place where future generations can forge their own precious memories. The campaign to preserve the building aptly proclaimed, "Long live the music!" When the National Music Centre was unveiled, it ignited a creative spark within us. Inspired by its presence, we embarked on a journey to create a series of art pieces: "The King Eddy Series."

The King Eddy Series: Art as Tribute

Marcus, guided by the spirit and energy that permeated the King Eddy, poured his heart into capturing its essence through his photographs. Janice, with her remarkable talent, added her vivid and innovative touch, transforming each piece into a unique tribute. Together, we pay homage to the King Eddy—both its storied past and its promising future.

Our art is a testament to the indomitable spirit of this iconic establishment, celebrating its enduring legacy. It represents the convergence of old and new, a harmonious blend that speaks to the heart and soul of our beloved King Eddy. Through our creations, we invite you to experience the vibrant history, the electrifying energy, and the unwavering spirit that defines this legendary venue.

The King Eddy holds a special place in the hearts of Calgarians, past and present. It stands as a symbol of our resilience, our passion for music, and our unwavering commitment to preserving the cherished landmarks that define our city. Join us on this artistic journey as we celebrate the King Eddy, a beacon of Calgary's cultural heritage, and a testament to the power of music and community.

The King Eddy Series

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