Custom  Artwork

Designed and created especially for you 


 If you have a space that needs art and you want the art to be just for you, custom art is the perfect answer.  I have been creating special artwork for clients for over seven  years.  It is my passion and my main love. The process is also very fun and quite painless!


 Most times, it is a certain space you are looking for.  I usually start with a photo of the wall space and the measurements of it in the room.   The next step is to figure out what budget, size, shape and color pallet best suites you and the room itself.  I will render these design options onto your wall space for you to compare and decide upon.  These first decisions are easy to make when done in this way!


The next step is based on these decisions.  I will create three basic mock ups for you to choose from based on all that has come so far. Again, I will render each option onto your wall space. I have found that being able to see what each option looks like on the wall before you even physically commit to the artwork takes a lot of the stress out of the process.  It often ends up that ideas come up that would not have been viable or even considered before we started.  You can compare the artwork and decide what you love best! 


I will also come out to your home for a consultation if you would prefer more feedback.  I do have quite a bit of artwork that is already created and usually bring it out with me.   Sometimes it is perfect and the artwork has found a home!  Other times, it helps give a feel for what the work physically looks like.  Texture, impact and scale are stronger and more obvious in person!

 If you still decide upon a custom route, I design the piece completely before the physical painting begins. I do this because it allows me to know what you want and for me to create what you want.  No surprises, no feeling like you didn't really get what you had in mind.  The painting being created is unique to you and only you. You will never be shocked by your painting when is is done.  The mock up will be what you want before you ever say "Go for it!" You will never be forced to take the painting until you are completely satisfied!


In the end, the relationship that develops in this process is unique and special. You as a patron will be intimately involved in the conceptualization of your ideas. I will be here to find out who you are and express it in the work I create.  So very exciting and so very inspiring. 


 If you think this is for you, please click on the email link below and let me know how I can help.   That is all you need to do to get the process going.  No cost, no strings attached. 


I would love to be the one who creates custom artwork, just for you!

I  was given the incredible opportunity to create 30 custom pieces of artwork for this new rental apartment building ( Five units were being staged .... I had worked with Janice Vejprava at JV Designs on a Morrison Homes show home and recommended her to the owner who was happy to have two Janice's on the job!!!   I love the fact that each suite was done in a different theme.  I was able to come up with artwork to suit each style, I must say, this was artist heaven!   Take a look below to see examples of the work installed.

Lots of artwork  .... so many great people I have had the opportunity to work with .... I LOVE what I do .... these are some of my projects I have been involved in.

Working with an interior designer is always inspiring and sometimes challenging!  This project involved creating three 8 foot by 3 foot pieces to hang in the lobby of a downtown office tower.   From getting approval for the design to hanging the work, I took on many roles!!!

One room, three different looks.

Artwork options for this room started with a desire for more color.  A simple set up using white and grey tones in #1 was used to compare the room using  more color.  Size and  shape was also addressed  and explored.  

I really believe that the creation of artwork is just as much about getting there as it is about the finished piece.  The thoughts and care and brainstorming that lead to a piece of artwork can take a while and reaching the final piece can be a practice of patience and faith.  I would have to say that I am very grateful this couple did not give up but embraced the whole process with excitement and open minds.  If they had given up, we would not have achieved what we did.  The piece was so personally theirs that it was a memory that I will always hold dear and feel good about. 

A creation that was based on a love of camping, reflections in beautiful turquoise water, bright colors, lots of texture and some very cool personal touches!  From the rendering of several options to hanging the finished piece, this couple was an absolute joy to work with. 

Colors, size and design are decided upon before any painting even takes place ....

Small personal details are an important part of the painting .... initials carved in the tree ... red canoes in the water ... the colors used in the piece .... all based on things that matter .... this is what makes these pieces so special.

Created by Marcus Z as a surprise birthday gift for a client, this piece took on special unintended meaning when the title "Re-Birth" had special significance for the receiver of the painting! (These poured abstracts usually become what they are as they are done and Marcus doesn't name them until after they are done!) We love those tingley down the spine moments! 

See more of  Marcus's work 

calgary sunsets.  janicemather.

This piece was based on the incredible sunsets that this couple loved to see and had taken many great photos of.  This piece took the best of all those photos to make the ultimate sunset!

After creating the sunset commission, we so loved doing the colors of a sunset that we decided to do a sunrise.  The couple felt that they must compliment their sunset with this and so it was theirs!  I called it "Morning has Broken" with thanks to the lyrics by Cat Stevens, 1971.  

A custom piece for over a white couch. This piece was six feet by four feet.  The client was looking for a bold eye catching work of art.  He sent me ideas he liked and we went from there. We ended up going for a very geometric design using red as the main color.  It had lots of texture and depth.  He said he was thrilled with it. When we installed it, I was very happy too!