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  • Janice Mather - new paintings for "winter!"

I am starting to get ready for "winter"!

I hated to do it but it must be done. To get into the frame of mind for artwork to be offered during November and Decembers Uncorked Paint Nights and Canvas & Coffee Days was really hard. It is October and my flowers are still alive. I can still sit out on the deck in the sun in my shorts! How to create artwork for chilly nights, snow shoveling and such. Admittedly, not my favorite time of year..... but there are some things I do love. Sitting by the fire with a glass of wine (that part was not so hard!), decorating for Christmas with lots of glitter and color (when I am actually allowed to be tacky and garish and it is OK!). I love the Christmas lights as they give beauty to a time that has lost most of its color. I love the color of the sky at night against the white of the snow. I love snow falling softly down and covering all the trees. I love going for walks and making snow angels. I realized then there is a lot to love about winter. It could be shorter here but still, it can be beautiful and magical. So far, I have created two pieces for the season. One is a wine by the fire type piece and we will be doing this one by the fire at the center in November. Another is my perfect Christmas Eve with lots of soft snow falling from a intense blue sky. This we will do in December, also by the fire! I think there may be more yet to come. Now I am excited....!

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