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New Commissioned Piece Done!

I consider myself very lucky. My passion, my main love and also what I am best at are what I get to do everyday. I get to work with the most awesome people for whom a connection is created that is so valuable to me that is lasts a lifetime. I get to create artwork that is completely based on personality, taste, memories, beliefs and much brainstorming! It is personalized in a way that results in artwork with high emotional value. The stories I come away with are ones I love to tell over and over.

The painting that resulted from my meeting Alex and Julie was one such story. These folks loved to camp, they had wonderful memories that caused them to love scenery with lakes and canoes and trees. They also had been looking for a painting for their home and had just not found what they really wanted. This was the start and after rendering several ideas for them onto the wall space they were trying to fill we came to a composition that included all the elements that they loved so much. Once that was reached I started to paint. We even included initials of all the family on the trees with a special heart with Julie and Alex's intitials in it! These little personal touches are what makes doing these commissioned pieces so special. When the piece was done after six weeks of solid painting (a large piece with lots of texture and heavy paint takes a while) we finally got to hang the piece and see it in its new home. A very happy day and so gratifying.

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